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Sprint Offers LTE and Sales Incentives to Attract Small Businesses

by on 04/16/2013 - 10:28 pm

Categories: Business Management, Prepaid Carriers

While the rest of the major carriers are warring over consumers, Sprint has decided to shift its strategy to cater to another important demographic: small businesses.

Sprint recently announced that it will be offering up to $150 in discounts for small businesses that purchase a Sprint smartphone and LTE broadband device. Not only that, but Sprint is throwing in credit of up $100 for ever customer they successfully manage to switch to Sprint.

Small businesses can earn up to $100 for every Sprint smartphone sold, which includes any iPhones and Samsung devices in Sprint’s product catalogue. This is on top of the $50 discount Sprint is offering for every sold LTE Tri Mode USB or Sierra 4G LTE Tri-fi hotspot. The devices are all compatible with Sprint’s 4G LTE, WiMax and 3G networks.

Marin Martinovic, Director of Business Acquisition Marketing for Sprint, had this to say about Sprint’s latest strategy:

“For small businesses, it’s all about specialized service, simplified shopping and prices that fit their budgets. Cutting through the complications of buying communications gear is a challenge for small businesses. Our portfolio is expanded and customized to the needs of small businesses, our in-store service is consultative, and this latest discount offer is right on the money for today’s small business owners.”

For prepaid dealers needing a bit more bandwidth for their day-to-day operations, the Sprint smartphone/LTE broadband offer is a welcome one. Unfortunately, Sprint’s own LTE network isn’t anything to brag about as of yet. Sprint comes in a far third when it comes to LTE coverage, which T-Mobile is deadest on beating with the release of its new LTE network.     

Unfortunately, this deal isn’t running indefinitely. The promo, valid only until May 9, will allow small businesses to upgrade their business networks to LTE capability at a lower, more affordable price. It’s also additional incentive for businesses to push Sprint plans out the door. For dealers looking for some additional revenue, this promo is a good way to get it. .  

For now, it’s up to dealers and small businesses to see if they bite. For more information, visit their website.


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