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How Live Chat Can Help Boost Prepaid Sales on Your Website

by on 04/29/2013 - 06:32 am

If there’s one thing that online stores have over physical retail stores, it’s the lower overhead and the ability to sell 24/7. Unfortunately, one of the key problems of an online store is that you lose face-to-face interaction with customers. 

Visitors can pop in and out of your website, click around a few times, and then leave without bothering to buy anything. It’s a common problem with online stores, and something that a live chat function can help address.

A live chat feature on your website can help you interact with your customers much in the same way a sales rep would. Live chats are often times a pop-up window or a little box on the corner of your website that invite customers to ask questions about your products.  And it can help convert curious visitors to paying customers.

Live Chats Can Appear When You Want it To

Most people think that live chat boxes should be on all day, everyday; and that someone should be around to monitor it. But technology allows you to control when your live chat comes on.

This is especially useful if you can’t afford to have dedicated staff online all the time (or if the person doing the chatting is most probably you). You can even be notified when a visitor is doing something specific on your website, like sitting on their check-out page for too long, or going back and forth, comparing one prepaid plan with the next. That way, you can deal with potential customers on a case to case basis.

You’ll be Able to Deal with Customers on a Case by Case Basis

With live chats, you’re able to better address the needs and concerns of your customers much in the same way a sales rep would. Analytics are also a good way of identifying problem spots with your website, but nothing beats getting it straight from your customer’s mouth. Are they having trouble deciding on what plan to get? Are they having technical problems with the check-out system? Are they having trouble understanding what comes with certain deals and promos.

Although the job of web designers and programmers is to get your site ready for a host of different problems, some of them just can’t be prepped for. Having a live chat allows you to deal with customers on an individual basis.

You Don’t Have to Deal With Each and Every Customer

Unlike physical stores that demand the immediate attention of every customer who walks through your door, websites are different. There isn’t expectation to be catered to by sales representatives, and most of the time, customers like to be left alone.

Because of this, you don’t have to burden yourself with having to interact with every customer who visits your site. Instead, manage your time and your resources by attempting to target those who need specific help with certain aspects of your site.

You’ll Have Higher Chances of Converting Your Visitors to Customers

As mentioned earlier, you’ll be able to convert more visitors into customers by being able to interact with them directly. You’ll be able to recommend different prepaid plans they didn’t bother to consider, or answer questions without simply directing them to a confusing a five page F.A.Q.

By identifying problem spots in your site, you’ll be able to better address the needs of visitors and set them on the right track to hitting that ever-so important “proceed to check-out” page.

While live chats will never substitute for a great salesman on the floor, it can help give visitors that extra nudge to turn them into paying customers.

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