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Write a Guest Post for Prepaid Army - Guidelines

by prepaidarmy.com on 01/15/2013 - 11:32 am

Category: Guest Blog Post Guide

Thanks for your interest in writing a guest blog post for Prepaid Army.

Why Write for Us?

With The Prepaid Army, you will enjoy more benefits from the articles you write including:

  • Connection with a huge number of web visitors
  • Bigger Social Media following
  • Better exposure for your articles
  • Backlinks to your own blog

Choosing to write for us will absolutely be beneficial for you, and joining us is so easy too! Just follow Prepaid Army’s guest post guidelines to get started.

Type of Posts to Submit

To be qualified as Prepaid Army’s guest blogger, you have to write well written posts related to mobile phones, gadgets, prepaid plans, technology, and the likes. Content must be unique and should not have been posted on other websites.

Guest Posting Guidelines In Brief

Prepaid Army encourages people to write for us and while we want to access content that would be very useful for our site readers, we also want to increase the chance of getting your works published. We’ve summed up the procedures regarding article submission that you must first know in order for your articles to be approved.

Here is a brief summary of the Prepaid Army Guest Post submission guidelines:

  1. Article should express quality and relay sensible information while taking into consideration the information that Prepaid Army readers search for.
  2. Article submitted should be for the exclusive use of Prepaid Army.
  3. Article should strictly abide by copyright laws.
  4. Article content must include a headline, body content, and your byline.
  1. Articles with poor quality and irrelevant topic will be declined. Likewise, topics that Prepaid Army has already covered several times will not be published.
  2. Articles presenting fresh ideas and new approach to reach out to web visitors will be prioritized.
  3. Article submitted will not be published right away. Site editors need to review submissions and we do not encourage “reminder emails” because they will only slow us down in accomplishing our tasks.

Guest Post Format

Prepaid Army accepts guest post in different formats such as Word documents and text files. You can also send documents that are hosted on Google Docs and other similar services.

Added Requirements

To keep everything systematic, we require guest bloggers to include all images used in the post as separate attachments.

Links on Guest Posts

We allow links on the article body that supports the content but not to promote your business. However, you can use the author resource box to direct links to your site. Only 1 link is allowed using brand anchor text.

Send Us Your Guest Posts

Please send guest posts to the email address provided on the site. Make sure that attachments will include the guest post along with the other requirements.

We look forward to include you on our roster of guest post contributors. If there are still questions about article submission that were not covered in these guidelines, do not hesitate to Contact Us.